Initial Development Phase

  • Due diligence (DD) work
  • Risk analysis, risk mitigation and allocation optimization
  • Financial feasibility analysis and development of bankable financing plan
  • Sector reviews, counterparty credit risk analysis and peer group financing review
  • Support drafting and negotiation of key contracts especially shareholders agreements, EPC contracts, supply and off-take contracts re. bankability


Development Phase

  • Preparing the Financing Plan for investment decision
  • Preparing project information memorandum, managing the DD process with prospective lenders
  • Working within project team on all financing areas including:
    • Project contract structuring and negotiation
    • Homogenizing project areas, finance, commercial, technical, insurance etc
    • Selecting advisors incl. preparation of tenders
    • Implementation of financing strategy and raising finance
    • Maximizing value from ECAs, banks, institutional investors, private financing
    • Managing work stream and optimizing timetable inter-faces


Financial Close and Beyond

  • Loan documentation and negotiations
  • Waivers and amendments
  • Refinancing advisory
  • Default and workout situations


Contracting Options

At the client’s option:

Fixed Term/Scope

Performing specific fixed scope work assignments typical for consulting contracts for short or longer term assignments.


Working as an on-demand, integrated extra resource within the client’s project team adding skills and performing work. We step in and out, as and when needed by the client, without a rigidly pre-defined scope.